Demo Reel - Outdated 1/2022

My cinematography demo reel. It's outdated at this point but I'll be releasing a new one by December.

Current Projects

  • The Barber - Short Film - Director of Photography - Releasing December

scene 18.mp4

rooftop scene.mp4

Stay in Touch - Short Film 2022

A friend of ours was moving away and he wrote a screenplay that he asked if we would help produce. It's called Stay in Touch and its a coming of age comedy short film starring Mason Todd and Jacob Ryan Martinez (who also wrote and directed).

I serve as Assistant Producer and Director of Photography.

scene 6.mp4

The Barber - Short Film 2022

Written and Directed by Mauricio P. Cantu.

I serve as Director of Photography.

A Change of Dart - Short Film - CC7D 2022

My entry this year for Corpus Christi 7-Day Film Festival 2022. I served as Director, Director of Photography and Producer.

  • Best Ensemble - WIN

  • The Audience Award - WIN

  • Runner-Up: 2nd Place Grand Jury -WIN

  • Best Actor - Ethan Decker - NOMINATED

  • Best Original Score - Shane Armstrong - NOMINATED

  • Best Director - Roel Rodriguez Jr - NOMINATED

  • Best Screenplay - NOMINATED

Mess with the Bull - Short Film - CC7D 2021

A short film that I did with some friends for Corpus Christi 7-Day Film Festival. I served as Co-Writer and Director of Photographer.

  • Best Screenplay - WIN

  • Best Actor - Scott Bonilla - WIN

  • Best Director - Scott Bonilla - NOMINATED

  • Best Supporting Actor - Ethan Decker - NOMINATED

  • Best Original Score - Shane Armstrong - NOMINATED

  • Best Use of Line - NOMINATED

  • Best Use of Prop - NOMINATED

THE GIRL WITH TOO MANY EYES - Advanced Narrative 2022 - Teaser Trailer

I wrote the script and will be serving as Director of Photography for our upcoming short horror film, The Girl with Too Many Eyes, as our Advanced Narrative capstone project.

The project serves as a culmination of the years of hard work, dedication and learning from a very talented crew, and this will be our opportunity to show what we’ve learned, who we are, and what we’re capable of as filmmakers and creatives.

The script has been in development over the past two years going through numerous rewrites and revisions. The story takes heavy inspiration from a lot of Japanese horror media, particularly the famous horror manga artist Junji Ito and his short story “The Town without Streets.” The film deals with numerous themes of surveillance, privacy, safe spaces, and cosmic horror. The idea of privacy is very important to us as individuals, and this film deals with the idea of that privacy being taken away from us from something beyond our control, and the terror that ensues afterward.

Pop - A short observational doc

A small college project to make an observational documentary.